4 Texture Painting Techniques That Create a Space Evolution

When the walls start closing in, a Toronto painter knows it may be a sign they have looked the same for far too long. This sudden boxed in feeling may be resolved by simply deciding, it is time to redecorate. Perhaps last time the walls had to be neutral to compliment the furniture. The color palette might have made a drastic change, thus providing an opportunity to expand one’s concept of color.

Mind you, color expansion doesn’t have to mean going from a cool taupe cream, to an illuminating Ripe Lime. In fact, expansion can just mean utilizing color to enhance multidimensional color softness, like a color washing effect. The newly painted surface can take on the look of a twilight sky, a richly marbled ancient wall or the simple contrast of folded silks. The professional painters in Toronto know a renovation budget looks a lot more friendly when we use faux finish techniques to create stunning visual effects for an entirely new look.

Here are four timeless techniques that literally invoke a completely different feel within an area:
Ragging is an almost self explanatory painting term, as the primary tool needed is a soft and easily manipulated cloth. This technique provides a shifting color dense look, and evokes the timeless, comforting appearance of a favored, faded chambray, or antiqued leather, soft to the touch. Simply use the cloth to spread or lighten the colors to achieve the tone desired.

Smooshing paint is another skilled application that gives an elegant moiré look, or a traditional marbled effect. The amazing effect appears complicated, as if polished marble has been moved into a home, but is actually simple. Painters use an inexpensive plastic drop around 1 mil thick, pressed onto the wet paint. The material adheres to the damp paint, and the plastic is smoothed, by hand around the wall a bit. This type of movement helps to create the uneven wrinkles along the wall, intensifying the marbling effect. The entire process will likely take less than 10 minutes and have a beautiful effect.
Sponging with paint is a simple techniques to master, and it gives walls that somewhat mottled, aged porcelain look or rustic stoneware appearence. The best effect can be obtained by dampening a sea sponge with water, but make sure all excess liquid is expelled, so the paint will bind with the dampened sponge. Dab off extra paint and gently use it to place patterns along the wall.

Texturing with paint is a completely different approach with a unique and easy to use finish. This process combines mixing the paint of choice with granules that absorb and reflect light, such as sand. A specialized Latex Texture Sand works well, but craft store type sand will do with the right amount. One of the beautiful aspects of texturing paint is it will cover up most small imperfections along the wall itself. Time worn stucco or pitted drywall will benefit with a little texture to take away from the age spots. The textured look also seems to be complimented by rich, warm colors like browns, greens, rust and mustard hues.

Regardless of the type of change homeowners are going for, Toronto painters know these different painting techniques can really set off a new look. Just adding a new color of paint can create a warmer, richer atmosphere in which to relax or entertain friends and family. When considering a change, one cannot go wrong when considering a faux finish or textured look.